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About Backlink Generator

Backlink Generator tool is a free do follow backlink generator for your website.

It makes for 55+ legit backlinks that will online as soon as you use our tool.

Now, you may be thinking why these links for free because in the market most of the people try to price for do follow backlink generator so I need to tell you that it's because our whole website motive is to provide your alternative for every premium tool out there. Also, you will start seeing these backlinks in 2-3 days on your website dashboard.

This is all about our tool now below here is the tutorial of using backlink generator and a lot of information about backlinks.


Watch Full Tutorial Video -

What is a backlink and why is it important for SEO?

In simple words a backlink is just a hyperlink from any other domain to your website. If the number of hyperlinks starts to increase then the authority and the chances of your website getting ranked grow but if you do it in a spammy way you may get flagged by search engines and you will have 0 organic traffic. So, till now you must have understood that if the number of good do follow backlink is high then its good news for your website but you may have a question "why is that?".

The answer to this question is, search engines need to differentiate and rank websites for that they see backlinks as a sign of popularity and recognition. Also, it's hard to fake backlinks because you can fake 100 - 200 backlinks but a million backlinks with all major websites have is nearly impossible to fake. Now, don't just think that acquiring some backlinks will give your rankings a boost for that you need to beat the website ranking above you in every SEO category be it speed, content, or SEO. 

So, I suggest you that you should work all over your website SEO within which comes backlinks.

How can I create do follow backlinks for free?

There are many methods in which you can make backlinks for absolutely free so I going to list them all below. Also, these apply to all types of websites new or old.

  1. Guest Blogging - I know what you are thinking another one speaking the same thing but no wait what If I tell how will you do guest blogging for free. So, listen closely go to google type "guest blogging website in XYZ" where XYZ is the category in which you want to blog. Now, for more sharp search add words like "for free or without signup" and I am sure you will find some blogs. Also, if you are not satisfied with it read the next method for free.
  2. Social Media - For this I am saying go to forums and social media platforms and share as solutions to problems as much you can with this you can easily acquire some backlinks for free. When I say social media I am not saying just for Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube but I am saying for forums who allow do-follow links to check link just open inspect on your browser and check if the link has "ref=''no-follow" if this is present then there won't be much effect on your rankings even if you acquire links.
  3. Backlink Generator tool - Using tools like our backlink generator will help your website get indexed by Google crawlers faster which is great. Also, it helps you to make links much faster than any other method I have listed here.
  4. Make Unique Infographics - Making great infographics about highly searched topics and sharing them on social media will help you gain backlinks much faster than you can think and it's all because of one reason that we share images more than a hyperlink.
  5. Have a share option on your website - Whatever you do on your website have a button ready to share your website link because you never know who is going share it and help you to make a backlink.

How to use the Backlink Generator tool to make backlinks?

Step 1 - Enter your domain name

For example, I am taking Wikipedia as our domain name so we will put the URL of Wikipedia as the input. Below is a screenshot for your better understanding that how you should do it.


Step 2 - Click on Submit button

You can see this in the video tutorial. 

Step 3 - Wait to for all links to have success status

  In this step, all you have to do is just wait for all the links to have success as status on them. I will share the screenshot below of how successfully I made 55 backlinks for Wikipedia.


All the 55 backlinks will be made like the above-provided screenshot. 

NOTE - There will be no problem in making backlinks no matter which URL you use so try to use this tool on every URL you want to build backlinks for.