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About Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap generator tool allows you to generate a sitemap for your website. It works for all websites including HTML, Blogger, and WordPress.

Sitemap that is generated through this tool can then be uploaded to the root of your file manager and then you will find a file at you can paste this link in search consoles of search engines to get all of the websites pages index.

Advantages Of Using Greatseotools XML Sitemap Generator -

  1. Generate an XML sitemap file for your website.
  2. Sitemap that is generated passes all SEO standards.
  3. No signup required for use.
  4. Free to use no payment required.
  5. The XML sitemap file can be generated unlimited times.

Why generate an XML sitemap file for my website?

It helps your website to rank faster and better. Also, the whole structure of the website becomes very clear to search engines like Google which helps them to scan them on every update.

Having a sitemap also helps users to know that how many pages really a website has live at the moment so that a user can easily find the page he is looking for.

How to use the XML Sitemap Generator tool?

Step 1 - Enter a domain name 

Step 2 - Choose a specific date if you want

Step 3 - Choose the frequency at which your sitemap links may have their content changed.

Step 4 - Select the priority that is how important is the page with 0.0 being the least and 1.0 being the highest.

Step 5 - At last choose the number of pages there are to crawl

Now, just click on generate sitemap and sitemap will be generated with the list of all the links present on the sitemap. You can then save the XML file and upload it on your file manager to make it live on your website. There you have an SEO-optimized sitemap generated for your website.