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About Meta Tag Generator

This tool allows you to generate custom meta tags for your website. You just have to provide some inputs such as site title, description, keywords, and then you have to choose some options of your choice after that just click on "Generate Meta Tags" and your meta tags are ready.

No matter which website you have you should use meta tags because it allows you to increase the SEO impact of your website in the search results.

You can use this tool to generate custom meta tags for custom build websites or websites made on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Shopify. No matter where you use this tool it gives you absolute freedom over which types of tags you generate for each separate webpage of your website.

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What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are an essential element of your website because it explains to the crawlers what's your site all about and how you want to show your website in search results. These tags are essentially present in the <head> tag of your page Html code.

These meta tags include the site meta title, meta description, and meta keywords also you can use these meta tags to tell the search engine crawlers to either index the page of your website or not.

  • Meta Title Tag - Now this tag allows you to write a custom title for your page which will be shown in search engine results. For example, this page has the title as "
    Meta Tag Generator" but for the meta title that should be shown in search results we choose to show "Free Meta Tag Generator Tool - Create Meta Tags For Your Site" to improve our SEO and reduce competition by using a long-tail keyword. So, this is all about the meta title tag now let's proceed to the meta description tag.
  • Meta Description Tag - The description tag of your website is really important because it tells the crawlers about the page and what your website webpage is specifically all about. If you don't write this tag correctly it may be really hard to rank your site no matter which platform you are using. Also, it is shown just below the meta title tag in search results so if you have a  great keyword-rich meta description it will help your website to rank. Also, I should tell you what happens if you don't use the meta description tag so here it is google takes the best part of your page to show in search results.
  • Meta Keywords Tags - Most people use meta title and description but they don't have meta keywords on their page so if you want to enhance your website rank just use 10 keywords with all sorts of variations to further clarify on which term you want to rank your website.

How to create meta tags for SEO?

I am providing you are a step by step method using which you can easily set up a meta tags infrastructure for increasing your website SEO.

  1. The first step is to create a custom meta title tag that attracts the viewers to click on that title. If you do this correctly your CTR (Click Through Rate) will be very high which in turn will increase your rankings. So, I recommend using this free tool for creating attractive titles that attract clicks.
  2. In the second step you have to create a meta description tag to tell what your page is all about. To do this successfully I recommend you to just describe the whole page including the main keyword at most 3 times. Also, keep this in mind that visitors generally don't read descriptions of search results most of the time it is just read by site crawlers so try to be as brief as possible in 100 to 150 characters.
  3. Now in the last step, you have added keywords and for this, I recommend using google and youtube the two biggest search engines because from these two websites you can get all the longtail keywords for your keyword. After that make a list of top 10 most targeted keywords about your content and add them to meta keywords. 

Using just these three steps you can create meta tags for your website that will benefit your SEO and google rankings.

How to use our Meta Tag Generator to make meta tags?

In this step by step tutorial, I will tell you how to use meta tag generator for your website to create custom meta tags. So, this tutorial I am going to take this page of my website for which I will generate meta tags but you can use this tool for any website either it is custom made or it is made on platforms like blogger, Wix, WordPress & Shopify.

  • Step 1 - Create a meta title, meta description and meta keywords for the page. For help regarding the creation of these meta tags just take a look above at my three-step procedure to create meta tags that can improve your website SEO. I have already created my meta tags and below is the screenshot of how they look.


  • Step 2 - Head over the Meta Tag Generator tool and paste in each input bar their respective meta tags. In the site title copy and paste the site title and do as same for the other two. Below is my screenshot of how it looks when you paste the meta tags into the tool.


  • Step 3 - In this step you have to get through different types of options for making more customization in your meta tags. Let me tell you about each option in full detail.
    • In the first option you can choose yes if you want your website page indexed on search engines and no if you don't want them to get indexed. You can choose no for pages like admin pages and log pages and for the other pages just use yes.
    • The second option is only provided in advance meta tag generators and it tells the search engine robots if you want the links provided on your page to be followed and crawled.
    • The third option is to choose the type of content you display on your site. It has four options and all of them are explained below.
      • UTF-8 - You can use choose this for any type of text material you are posting on your website. For example, all blogs can have UTF-8 as selected for this option.
      • UTF-16 - I suggest you use this only when you need 16bit strings for your content other than it's not a requirement and if you are not understanding what am I saying just choose UTF-8 and move on.
      • ISO-8859-1 -  This will only change the encoding of your page nothing else and which represents the text the same as UTF-8. So, in this also nothing will change just the page encoding will replace.
      • WINDOWS-1252 - This was introduced by windows in 1985 and it also has all the characters, numbers, and alphabets in uppercase and lowercase. So, if you choose this also nothing will change other than the encoding of your page where you paste these meta tags.
    • The fourth option is pretty simple you just have to choose your websites primary language. 
  • Step 4 - This last step is optional because these meta tags may or may not be used on a page. The first option is how often you want that search engines to revisit your same page and the second option is used by authors to specify who wrote the content on the page. You can use these two options if you want and then just click on "Generate Meta Tags" and your meta tags will be generated.

Below is my screenshot of how my meta tags look like after generated by Meta Tag Generator.


Advantages of using our Meta Tag Generator 

✅Create custom meta tags for free.

✅ You can add keywords to rank better on google.

✅ Use different titles other than the main one to attract visitors in search results.

✅ Tell search engines crawlers in how many days they need to crawl your page again.

✅ Add different authors for different pages of content.

✅Choose the main site language of your website.

✅ Explain using meta tags what's your whole webpage is all about.

For which type of websites you can use our Meta Tag Generator 

✅All Html Websites.

✅Any Blogger Website.

✅Any Wix Website.

✅Any WordPress Website.

✅Any PHP Website.