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About Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker allows you to check the number of links pointing to a website.

Knowing how many backlinks does a website has is really important that allows us to know how tough it is to beat the website. Even in 2021 Google focus a lot on several backlinks that point to a website even though making backlinks is considered bad but to some extent, you can produce original content for someone and get a do-follow link from them so that you can rank and be relevant for that keyword.

Advantages Of Using Backlink Checker tool -

  1. Get to know the exact number of do-follow links pointing to a domain.
  2. These backlinks are indexed by Google and other search engines so you get real information instead of an approximation.
  3. No signup required for use.
  4. Free to use no payment required.
  5. You can check the backlinks of unlimited domains.

Why check the backlinks of a website?

Getting information about a website is really important if you are really interested in deconstructing how a website is made or if you want to outrank it in SEO.

Due to this, you need to check backlinks that the website has indexed pointing to itself. These links really matter because it shows search engines like Google that how much signal your website are getting which basically predicts the popularity of the site to the search engines.

How to use the Backlink Checker tool?

Step 1 - Enter a domain name 

Now, just click on submit and you will see the number of backlinks pointing to that domain.