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About Paraphrasing Tool

A paraphrase tool is a tool that is used to generate unique content from content that is already written before. This opens a huge opportunity for all the students, researchers, and bloggers out there to start producing unique content with putting any effort at all.

At our free Paraphrase Tool tries to produce a non-plagiarised unique article out of a text you have pasted it can be of anything essay, research papers, or some news that needs to be republished on your blog.

Advantages Of Using Greatseotools Paraphrase tool -

  1. Get non-plagiarised content without using any software.
  2. At greatseotools, with our rewriter tool we try to provide the best readable content.
  3. No grammar mistakes.
  4. Useful for students.
  5. A lifesaver for daily bloggers.

Watch Full Tutorial Video -

Which is the best Paraphrase tool?

There are now thousands of Paraphrase tools out there most of them asking for premium subscription or signup. Other than that they sometimes limit the times you can use them but on our end the paraphrase tool we are providing is free from everything. In the future maybe we will put some ads on the website but till that date, there is not even a single restriction on how much time you have to use this paraphrase tool.

So, go on and use it as much as you want because this is by far the best spinner tool you will find online right now.

Why is it important to paraphrase and summarize?

According to Wikipedia, paraphrase means a restatement of a textual content or passage with the use of other words. So, you should always try to paraphrase or summarize so that people can uniquely understand the thing in your way and that is the goal of our tool so be ready to use it and get great results.

How to use the paraphrase tool?

Step 1 - Copy the text from the website or wherever you want 

In this step by step procedure, I will show you how you can convert a BBC news article into your article with the use of the paraphrase tool by us.

So, the first step is to copy the text so now we will copy the text you copy yours and I will share the screenshot of my copied text below.


Step 2 - Check if the article is plagiarised using our plagiarism checker tool

Copy the text you want and visit any plagiarism checker you want and check the text you have copied is identified or not. I will show my results below.


As you can see there is 0% unique content this means that till now all our tools have worked perfectly so now let's proceed to the next step.

Step 3 - Use the Greatseotools Paraphrase Tool

Paste the text in the Paraphrase tool below the screenshot of my pasted text.


Now, Click on the submit and your content will start to paraphrase without any effort by you. Below is my screenshot of how my results are paraphrased.


So, now we have our unique content. Let's go and check if it's grammatically correct or not, and for that, there is only one place to go Grammarly. I am going to paste the screenshot of the errors highlighted below. When you do that remember that you have to read it so that if at some places words are not understood you have to make them understandable.



Now, correct everything and just scan if you find something easy to read and correct it. After that let's check again the plagiarism of our content.

Step 4 - Check The Plagiarism Again

Copy the correct text from Grammarly and paste in our plagiarism checker tool below is the screenshot of my pasted text.


Now let's check and I will show you my results below.


Hurray, you have your 100% unique readable content without even writing a single word so I think you should also allow yourself to use this so that you can explore that how much can you grow your blog or website with publishing much more content without even doing much work.

Is Article spinning good for SEO?

There are numerous benefits using Article Spinner in SEO

  1. Easily Indexable Content: See if you use the article spinner correctly as mentioned In the steps above you will see that your content is indexed and ranked as if it was original content.
  2. More Backlink Building: Now as you have more time naturally you can focus more on the Off-page SEO stuff which is all around backlink building.
  3. Rank On More Keyword: Let's assume you have a website and you want to produce quantity content then you can use the paraphrase tool but be sure to make your website backed by backlinks to get some real organic traffic.


Is Article Spinning legal?

Article Spinning is 100% legal without a doubt but if you overuse it then it could be problematic for you. I want to explain this with the help of an example In this, I assume I have a news website in which at one side I post 100% original content and on some other category I publish the article spinner content then the chances of search engines finding out what this website is doing is near to zero because there is already a lot 100% original content on the website. 

So, I recommend using our great SEO tools article spinner but don't overuse it because if you do you will face its consequences. You should read this from Search Engine Journal.

Can Google detect Paraphrase content?

It depends if you overuse it then Google can easily find spin content but if you add some original lines everywhere throughout the content then there is no chance of Google finding it out. Also, if you want to hide try to change the way the content is described.

For example, change the active voice to passive voice so that the whole content is changed.

Can you use a paraphrase tool for your blog?

My recommendation if you are a new website with low DA(Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) then first you should increase it with writing a large amount of original content. After that, you should start using an article spinner or rewriter or Paraphrasing Tool for adding more content for your blog.

If you want to do it from start to do it in this way, first write 10 pieces of original content and then try to publish 1 paraphrase tool content and repeat this if this goes well try to increase it to 3 and after some time you will see you have a lot of free content stuff on your blog for which you have put no real effort.

Is Greatseotools paraphrase tool safe?

Yes, It is 100% safe to use the paraphrase tool and if you use it in the safe way we have mentioned above then there is no problem ever going to happen.

How our Paraphrase Tool works?

Our paraphrase tool works in several steps and we have mentioned it all below:-

  1. We first rephrase all the words. 
  2. Then we try to produce human-readable content.
  3. We also try to eliminate plagiarism from the text.

After this, we give you the output on the screen which is now available for your use.

Why is the Paraphrase tool by us not premium and will it give low-quality content?

Well If SEO is what matters to you then there is no difference between us and other premium tools. The quality of content you get from our tools will be the same as you get from the premium ones but if they have some more options like uploading content using links which I think is not so much important to anyone. Also, the paraphrase tool which comes in other languages is just of very poor quality that's why we don't provide those tools here at our website.

In these days how many people use a Paraphrase tool?

Normally, if I say the trend is going up you will not believe me because it is you may or may not think that I right that's why below here I am going to embed a live trend analysis of paraphrase tool.trends-past-12-months-paraphrasing-tool