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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker tool allows you to check the position of your website on a certain keyword.

It allows you to find how much you need to work on your domain so as to make your domain rank higher on that respective keyword.

Advantages Of Using Greatseotools Keyword Position Checker -

  1. Check Ranking of your domain.
  2. Free to Use.
  3. Checks current domain position on the keyword.
  4. Useful for SEO experts.
  5. Checks for multiple keywords.

Which is the Best Keyword Position Checker Tool?

There are many tools to check the position of the domain on a specific Keyword but all of them are either premium or just filled with pop-up ads which is not in the case of great SEO tools keyword checker because here you get unlimited use of the keyword checker tool which spending or signing up.

Also, there are no pop-up ads maybe in the future I will add some banner ads but nothing more will ever be added to our website. So that you can use the keyword checker with good user experience and speed.

Why is it important to check Keywords?

Let's you rank in on 12th position on a very popular keyword if you just improve a little bit you could come on the first page of the result and your traffic will just grow organically but before all of that you have to regularly check for these opportunities which can be done using Keyword Checker tool.

How to use the Keyword Checker tool?

Step 1 - Enter your domain name 

Step 2 - Enter all the keywords on which you want to check the rankings on

Step 3 - Now select any number from Check Positions upto

Now, Click on the submit and you get a result of all the positions of the domain on those different keywords.

So, now we have our rankings. You can also follow the above steps to do the same thing.

Hurray, you have now correct rankings now work on try to add things and content on the URL so that it can rank above on those keywords.