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About Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker tool by great seo tools checks from billion of pages that the content you have is how much unique and how much copied or plagiarised. It uses google search engines to check that if the content you have written is already present on another website or not and our plagiarism checker is free and allows unlimited words.

This seo tool is 100% free to use and unlimited word usage is allowed. You can use this tool for making your blog, essay, research paper or any other text content less plagiarised to the readers who are reading it.

What is plagiarism in simple words?

According to great seo tools, plagiarism is the use of words or sentences that are already indexed on the internet and can be easily called as copied content. In more depth plagiarism is using other people words for your work. Today people and Google both can easily find plagiarism if it is present on your website and our plagiarism checker is free and allows unlimited words.

What are the 4 types of plagiarism?

  1. Full Plagiarism - In this the person takes the whole content that was already submitted and present where he/she was going to submit or publish it. This type of plagiarism can be easily caught up just by a few searches you should always try to avoid these types of plagiarism no matter how fast you are trying to work.
  2. Accidental Plagiarism - As the name says it all if you have content that is exactly as the other person and you don't know it then you fall in this type of plagiarism. The worst part is you don't even know it so try to check your text before submitting or publishing somewhere.
  3. Author Plagiarism - This is a special type of plagiarism in which people who are writing research papers and content copy using someone else content and then try to show as there own. Many cases are happening like this every year so if you are an author then try to stay away from this type of plagiarism or you can be easily sued by the publishing company.
  4. Indexed Plagiarism - If you are a blogger or an online writer to any website please note that all these websites get indexed and most of them are just identified by there content so if you are taking content from someone's blog or website either try to use our Paraphrase tool using our step by step tutorial on how to make plagiarised content original or try to write as much original content as much you can and thoroughly check it through our plagiarism checker tool for 100% satisfaction.

How plagiarism is detected?

Well plagiarism is detected after putting the content as input and comparing it with all the databases of text available on Search Engines. If you have copied content then it can be easily found out these days that's why using a plagiarism checker is essential if you are serious about your content. Also, as with the advancements Search Engines try to find as much about your content as possible so if you have not used plagiarism detector till this date for your text content just go right now and check if it plagiarised or not.

What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

I have seen blogs with high DA (Domain Authority) using more than 30% plagiarised content but if you have a new blog or website try to be as original as you can so that readers and Search Engines both are happy. Now, if you want to use plagiarised content use it no more than 20% it will make your website having no effect of plagiarism. Also, if you want to know how you can paraphrase content just read this guide for free, and then you can use plagiarised content as the original one.

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How to use great seo tools Plagiarism Detector?

Now, I will tell you step by step how you can check your content uniqueness using our tool.

Step 1 - Copy the text or content that you want to check.

In this step, I will copy the text about elephants from below is the screenshot of how I do it.


Step 2 - Paste the text in the Plagiarism Checker Tool.

Here you need to remember there is no limit on the text you can use so use as much text as much you want and just paste the copied text. Below is the screenshot of my pasted text in the tool.


Step 3 - Click on "Check for Plagiarism"

Now, as you click on the button the work of checking plagiarism starts at our end and you should get a result like the screenshot below at your end. Please have in mind that if you have original content then results may differ from the screenshot below because the content we are using is 0% unique content.


As you can already see we have two metrics of showing how much of the content is plagiarized.

  1. The first metric that we have for you is for checking the uniqueness of your content. We do this by comparing your text with billions of pages of content that is indexed on the internet and if it is present then we will surely find it and cut out that percentage of text from the text pasted to calculate the percentage of uniqueness.
  2. The second metric that we have for checking plagiarism is line by line checking which shows each line is or isn't plagiarised. With this line by line checking, you can make your content non-plagiarised by just changing the lines which are marked by our tool as "Already Exists".

Which is the best plagiarism checker?

For this, we are going to compare all the plagiarism checker tools including ours on four-parameters.

  1. Free or Pro - Most of these tools have free and pro both models available for use in the free model you use the plagiarism checker tool with some restrictions and ads and in the pro model you pay a one time fee or subscription to use the tool.
  2. Unlimited Words - Will the tool allow you to check the plagiarism of unlimited words at once without asking for any fee.
  3. Ads - This parameter checks if the tools are using ads to make revenue.
  4. 100% confidential - This parameter checks if the tools will erase the information after detecting plagiarism for it.
S. no. Name of tool Free or Pro Unlimited Words Ads 100% confidential
01 greatseotools Free ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
02 plagiarismdetector Free and Pro ✔️ ✔️
03 plagiarismsoftware Free ✔️ ✔️
04 studyclerk Free ✔️ ✔️
05 searchenginereports Free ✔️ ✔️
06 edubirdie Free (Signup) ✔️
07 plagscan Pro ✔️ ✔️
08 essayontime Free ✔️
09 plagiarizechecker Free ✔️ ✔️

How students can avoid plagiarism?

Most students don't know that they can follow a series of steps to avoid plagiarism at all costs. So, for them I am going to illustrate all these steps below.

  1. Try to check for the uniqueness of every content you are going to use this can be done using our tool. This is our word that if it says content is 100% unique then it means it is unique.
  2. Now, if you have some content that is not unique just try to run it through our Paraphrase tool. You will get some output that can be copied and pasted in Grammarly so that it becomes readable. For more detailed instructions watch this video.
  3. After this now just use the content wherever you want because now your content is 100% unique and readable.
  4. Students can also purchase books about that content to get more topics on which you can create original content.
  5. Try using a special style of writing so that your readers can easily recognize that that content is written by you, it will lower your chances of getting penalized by doing plagiarism. 
  6. Learn more words of the language in which you are creating content so that you have more creative freedom over what you write and less chances of your content getting plagiarised.

What are the circumstances where plagiarism is unacceptable?

There are broadly three circumstances where plagiarism is just not acceptable at all because in all these places if you are caught doing plagiarism you will be punished either professionally or economically. All these circumstances are provided below:-

  1. Blogging - This is I think the badest circumstance where if you are caught doing plagiarism you will be flagged and now none of your URLs will rank. So, you are finished with your website and also you cannot do anything about it because the problem is created by you. Try to write original content because using plagiarised content in this condition can seriously impact your SEO( Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Research Papers - In this circumstance, if you are caught doing plagiarism the impact is most on your image and credibility. Many new researchers try to copy content and that is the time they learn the lesson of plagiarism. You can also face legal actions against you if the owner of the plagiarised content caught you. So, if you are using someone else content in your papers either have proper permission or try to rewrite it.
  3. Essay Writing - This is the place where you will find the most plagiarised content because the action that is taken against you is just deductions of marks or grades. If you are one of those students who just copied, pasted, and submitted the essay then I need to tell you that your essay is just one search away before being discovered that there is 0% unique content present in your essay. So, try to avoid plagiarism in your essay writing using our tool so that you can get good grades or marks.