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About Redirect Checker Tool

The redirect checker tool allows you to check if the redirect status on your website is good or not.

If the redirect status of your website comes good, it means that you have a redirect present on your website. 

If the redirect comes as "Bad - Not Redirecting!" by this our tool means that there is no appropriate redirect present on your domain name. In this case, you can use our Htaccess Redirect Generator which will allow you to generate the redirect rules for your domain and website.

How to use the redirect checker tool?

  1. Just copy the URL on which you want to check the redirect.
  2. Paste the URL into the redirect checker tool and click on the submit button.

In conclusion, if the redirect status is 200 ok this is converted into good any other status is shown as "Bad - Not Redirecting!" so as to make it simple for the users to understand that they don't have a redirect in place for there website.