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What is a page speed test and how this impacts your website page insights?

Every website has its uniqueness, and this ease of use brings customer attraction. Looking for the best ways to improve your site visibility? Website speed test or Website load time test should be one of your checklists to be verified. Many page speed checkers are available on the internet to test your website performance. Ensure that everyone can rapidly visit your website. Would you like to know some more factors that increase your site or page speed time? Let’s go!!

Website speed analysis

Let’s take an example, you planned to buy a product online and searched for it on a search engine platform like Google. On the search results page, you discovered a website with a valid URL related to your search. After clicking the link, you had to wait for a long time until the web page loaded. What would be your next action? Will you wait until the website loads or will you re-direct to other websites? Recent research shows that most customers redirect to another website if the loading time takes more than 3 seconds.