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About Domain Age Checker

Domain age checker is a free SEO tool that allows you to check the age of any domain present on the internet

Does domain age affect SEO?

The most important thing these days is the authority of the domain and most of the time the authority of the domain increases in terms of the age of domain it is not essentially true for every domain but most domains need time so as to grow their authority.

I don't mean that is if you have a domain for 10 years it is easy to rank but I do mean to gain authority in comparison to a newly created domain has to work more on the SEO accept in comparison to the older one.

Other than that there is not much difference between a new to me and an old woman on SEO because if you write content on both types of go means you will see the same speed of indexing the same speed of a ranking unless and until the old woman or the aged woman has a lot of authorities there is no difference that could be found between the domain that is aged and domain that is given newly created

How do I find out when a domain was created?

you can simply use our domain age checker tool which is free to use for any domain.
Just copy the URL of the domain you want to check the age of and then paste it into the domain age checker tool after that just click on the submit button and you will see in the output the age of that domain that you pasted.

Who owns a domain?

The one who owns the domain is known as the domain registrant. this domain registrar and is the legal owner of the domain.